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Tailwind Weekly can help you reach over 2,100 Tailwind CSS developers with every weekly issue.

Here's an overview:

  • Subscribers: ~2,100
  • Open Rate: ~55%
  • Click Rate: ~10%
  • Subscriber profile: Frontend Developers, Backend Developers, Full Stack Developers, Freelancers

Here's what our past advertisers say about us:

Our sponsorship of Tailwind Weekly really boosted the launch of our Tailwind CSS browser extensions and constantly fed us customer for nearly a year. If you are catering Tailwind CSS developers, Tailwind Weekly has your audience.

From Sebastian from Beyond Code

Advertising with Tailwind Weekly was a great decision and communication about the placement and copywriting was also very smooth. I'll be back!

From Erwin from Tailscan

Here's what you can buy:

Main Sponsor

This is our most prominent and visible spot and includes a tweet mention on the weekly tweet.


  • $150/issue
  • $530/4 issues


It can be an article or video, a showcase website, or a resource (plugin, web tool, etc).


  • $50/issue
  • $150/4 issues


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