Tailwind Weekly #2: Tailwind v1.2 is (almost) here!

Hello! Ready for your weekly dose of Tailwind? This week we have some interesting stuff! Tailwind v1.2 is almost here and it packs a bunch of features, in Adam’s words, it’s “the biggest update in Tailwind history”.


tailwindcss - Release v1.2.0-canary.4 on GitHub

Yep, you read it right, you can start playing with Tailwind v1.2 right now! Adam marked it as a pre-release just to be safe and gather feedback but he said he said he doesn’t intend to change a lot of stuff.

📚Tutorial of the week

Tailwind with React - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻

This is a pretty cool tutorial if you want to learn how to mix styled components and tailwind in React. A good read if you do React/styled components for a living and want to try out Tailwind

💅Showcase of the week

SVELTE Job board made with Tailwind

Svelte is all the rage these days and it plays pretty good with Tailwind. So good that they created a Svelte job board with it! I love the cards design, I suspect they read Refactoring UI and took it to heart 🙂

🎁Resource of the week

hawezo/tailwindcss-theming: Tailwind CSS plugin for client-side theming using CSS custom properties, with dark mode support

Bring dark mode to your tailwind website with this cool and very easy to use plugin. Keep in mind it won’t work with the canary 4 version yet (since it was just out this week) but knowing hawezo it’ll have support for Tailwind v1.2 pretty soon.

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