Tailwind Weekly #10: First Tailwind UI Update 🤩

Hello folks! More than a week has passed since the launch of Tailwind UI and we now have our first update and a public roadmap of future components 🚀. Courtesy of Friday’s email from Adam.

We also, as usual, have our pick of showcase sites, tutorials and resources fresh for you. Enjoy 🎉.


We now have an official Tailwind UI Roadmap!

This is a Trello board that lists what Adam and Steve have planned in the pipeline. Right now it just includes all of the “coming soon” categories we’ve seen at TailwindUI.com, but they’ll be adding new stuff based on suggestions all the time.

First Tailwind UI Update! Here's the change-log:

New additions


  • Fixed focus/active styles for buttons in Page Headings and Card Headings (these were slightly inconsistent with the button styles we use elsewhere in Tailwind UI)
  • Tweak padding on footer of Modal with gray footer component (we had used py-4 initially but py-3 is more consistent)


Are you a current Tailwind UI customer and you found a bug? Now you can report it in this repo. This is the official place for tracking bug fixes and feature requests for Tailwind UI.

📚Tutorial of the week

Building my site with Tailwind CSS by Samantha Ming

We have another tailwind convert! I have been following Samantha for a while now ever since she blogged about migrating her blog from Wordpress. I like her clear writing style and humor, this post is a good example of that.

I really appreciate the fair way she judged tailwind and saw the challenges she had with tailwind as fair since I had have those same issues on my own projects.


💅Showcase of the week

KudosBot: Recognize your best employees directly in Slack. Boost your team culture.

No, I swear I’m not explicitly looking for sites with big bold yellow colors, this was a mere coincidence 😝. This week’s showcase is a Slack bot site, the site is simple, minimalistic and to the point. Like a sweet treat 🍬.

Here’s what KudosBot is about:

KudosBot is a way to add more positivity to your team. Gather praise and reward people that go above and beyond directly in Slack.


🎁Resource of the week

react-native-tailwindcss: A react-native style system based on TailwindCSS

This week’s resource comes courtesy of @reinink. He’s one of tailwindcss’s creators and he’s currently making a react native app with this package so it looks like its meeting his standards!

Be sure to thank TVke for making it and spread the love ❤️.

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