Tailwind Weekly #101: v3.2 is out πŸš€ and it's 🀯!

Hello folks!

We got a big release this week! To quote Adam:

Tailwind CSS v3.2 is here with an absolutely massive amount of new stuff, including support for dynamic breakpoints, multiple config files in a single project, nested groups, parameterized variants, container queries, and more

For me, I'm really excited to start using the parameterized variants, I think that's gonna be a game changer for a lot of people's workflows!

Now onto our usual content πŸ˜‰.

🌟 News

Such beauty 😍

We got another awesome release folks! Say hello to v3.2 πŸš€.

You can read the release notes but the most important changes are here (with direct links too):

One thing you might want to know right off the bat is that for the container queries the team decided to encapsulate that functionality into a plugin to have more flexibility while they make it more robust. Β 

🀩 Sponsors

The sponsor of this issue is Windy – the browser extension that transforms any HTML element into a Tailwind CSS component with a single click. Save hours or days when you convert your non-Tailwind sites to Tailwind or go to any website and see how you can build any element with Tailwind CSS. Get a 20% discount if you use the code TAILWIND-WEEKLY during the checkout.

Polypane is a great tool for testing your project’s responsive design and accessibility. I use this daily for my frontend work and it's πŸ‘Œ. Get a 20% discount if you use the code TAILWINDWEEKLY20 during checkout. Β 

πŸ“š Learning

The border property you never knew you needed

Another great video from Kevin Powell, this time about the really niche but very useful border-image-* properties. He gives a few examples that not just use images but gradients too and the effects you can do with them are pretty impressive. Definitely a great watch.

So your designer wants stuff to overlap

You probably got that request a lot while doing web development and figured out a few ways with experience, but this article gets into the nitty gritty and shows you the 4 possible and correct ways to make elements overlap on a website. The 4th one, using CSS grid, was a nice find and definitely one I'll be using in the future.

This one is short and sweet, in it you'll learn the various ways to properly disable a link taking into account semantics and accessibility. In the end, you end up with this snippet:

<a role="link" aria-disabled="true">Learn something!</a>

But the article walks you through the thought process of how to get there. Overall a great read.

πŸ’… Showcase


Here's another dark-themed website for you. This one is less traditional but it has a lot of delightful little details like the number backgrounds, the highlighted screenshots, and the icons with shadows. It kind of feels like a video game website so I think they really nailed their target audience (developers)!

For the curious, here's Metawork's description:

Metawork captures every aspect of your code's executionβ€”from function arguments and return values to call sites and timing data. It takes note of how threads of execution tie together, properly capturing the execution order of things like coroutines and async functions.

🎁 Resource


A lot of you probably know about this one but this saved my butt so many times in the past month that I just HAD to share it again. Clippy helps you visually create shapes that you can use with the clip-path CSS property. This is can very powerful in the right context. On my end, I was working with user-generated content and needed to make images in a section in a certain shape, clip-path solved that for me and Clippy was critical in me getting the polygon values correctly! Β 

Note: Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I get compensated in some way if you buy through them but I promise I only recommend products I really like!

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Dracula PRO is a color scheme and UI theme tailored for programming. Made for terminal emulators, code editors, and syntax highlighters. Designed to be aesthetically pleasing while keeping you focused.

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