Tailwind Weekly #107: say hello to the new Protocol template!

Hello folks!

We got the new template the Tailwind Labs team has been teasing us with for the past week and it's quite the looker! It's a documentation template made with Next.js and it's ready to use out of the box. Check out the news section for more info.

Also, this will be our last issue of the year 🎄, we'll take a break, recharge, and then we'll be back in January 😁.

Now onto our usual content 😉.

🌟 News

We got a new template! Say hello to Protocol, a beautiful starter kit for building amazing API reference websites and let me tell you, it's full of little but lovely design details but my favorite is the sidebar animations 😍. Here's the demo.

Quoting the Tailwind Labs team:

Powered by Next.js and MDX and styled with Tailwind CSS, it's built exactly the way we'd build our own API reference documentation.

The template has all the bells and whistles you would want on a documentation template like a dark mode, code syntax highlighting (with Shiki), and Algolia integration, and it even has a new icon set made specifically for it, a la Heroicons.

Beautiful icons for a beautiful template

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📚 Learning

The State of CSS 2022

First and foremost, the State of CSS 2022 survey results are in! Tailwind CSS led the way with 28.3% of people saying they would use it again 🥳 and 19.5% saying they haven't used it but are interested 🤩.  

Setting up a screen reader testing environment on your computer

When working with web accessibility nothing compares to having your own screen reader set up locally but alas, not many people know the ins and outs on how to do it properly and without any gotchas. This article is an excellent guide to do that, it's very detailed and it even has screenshots so you know exactly what to do for every step.

Newer Things to Know About Good Ol’ HTML Lists

This one is short and sweet, you get to learn some new stuff about the list HTML tag, including accessibility concerns and how the new <menu> HTML element compares to it.

💅 Showcase


Paragraph allows you to build "Web3-powered newsletters" and like other web3 projects I have seen, it goes all out on its design 💅. You got beautiful gradients, lovely micro animations, dark but pleasing color palettes, and of course, pretty screenshots! I really liked how they took Tailwind UI sections as a base but customized the heck out of them and now look very on-brand.

🎁 Resource

Maizzle starter for markdown

I have featured Maizzle a few times here, it's basically Tailwind CSS but for emails and it's very very good. They recently released this project starter that allows you to write emails with markdown and I have to say I'm impressed!

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