Tailwind Weekly #108: these new Tailwind UI hero sections are 🔥👌

Hello folks!

Happy new year! We took a few extra weeks off to really reset and now we're back and ready to roll baby 😎.

And let me tell you, the Tailwind Labs team and the community were on fire this month 🔥🔥🔥, lots of cool stuff on the News section.

There are also lots of people adding Tailwind tips on Twitter these days, I'm showcasing one I really liked on the learnings section but I'm thinking of adding a new section this year dedicated to tips, what do y'all think? Replay with a 👍 if you like the idea!

Now, onto our usual content 😉.

🌟 News

Check out those new hero modules!

Here are a few interesting things that happened since our last issue:

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📚 Learning

I found this tip on Twitter a few weeks ago and just had to share it! Using overlapping elements for a gradient border effect is genius 👌. I'm definitely stealing this for my next client project.

Advanced web font optimization techniques

There are hundreds of articles discussing the basics of web font optimizations and you probably know the drill: use font-display: swap, self-host if possible, etc etc.

But what when you want to squeeze every single drop of performance out of your fonts? Then you'll love this article. I particularly liked the "Custom fonts subsetting" and "Vertical baseline fixes" sections and I'm planning on implementing a few of their tips on my client projects. Overall, a great piece!

The New CSS Media Query Range Syntax

There's a big upcoming update for media queries and we'll be getting a new range syntax, this is definitely an upcoming feature you don't want to miss! No more adding a +1 to your media queries, now you'll have comparison operators support, so this:

@media (min-width: 600px){ .element{ } }

Will now be:

@media (width >= 600px){ .element{ } }

Subtle but powerful!

💅 Showcase


The popular email marketing service, Convertkit, recently redid its marketing homepage completely in Tailwind CSS, and let me tell you, it looks amazing. It's pretty shapes, smooth animations, beautiful colors all around.

Being in the marketing space means you need a top-notch design and Convertkit has that and more. Now with them embracing Tailwind CSS, I'm eagerly waiting for them to redo their landing page templates with it too!

🎁 Resource


tints.dev is not just another color tool, it's a palette generator + API specifically made for Tailwind CSS. With it, you can generate a full Tailwind-compatible color palette and you have full control over the color generation, like changing hue, saturation, and lightness mix/max, it's all there for you to play with, for free 😁.  

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Inspect Flow - The complete developer tool for Tailwind CSS. 50% off sale: inspectflow.io

Elegant Dashboard Kit by Elegant Goodies is now available! The Elegant Dashboard Kit is based on actual practice and has a sleek design and a well-coded template. You will build your dashboard interface 10x faster with this template.

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