Tailwind Weekly #150: v4 alpha #8 now compiles in microseconds šŸ¤Æ!

Hello folks!

Another week and the alpha updates keep coming šŸ’Ŗ. With each alpha version being significantly faster than the last, it'll add a whole new meaning to instant šŸ˜†.

Now, let's dive in!

šŸŒŸ News

With the launch of the v4 alpha a few weeks ago, we're not at alpha version #8, which brings even more performance improvements. We're talking microseconds, folks. This might not be as noticeable on small projects, but on big codebases, it will be a joy to use šŸ˜.

And as the Tailwind Labs team keeps working on the alpha, they're also gearing up to expand their team! Tailwind Labs is currently looking to fill 2 roles:

Staff Software Engineer

šŸ•ļø Fully remote
šŸ’° $275,000 USD
šŸļø 30 days vacation
šŸ’» $7500 gear budget

Design Engineer

šŸ•ļø Fully remote
šŸ’° $275,000 USD

Both roles are open to candidates in the Eastern (UTC-5) to Central European (UTC+1) time zones.

I'm looking forward to new faces on the team soon šŸ¤©.

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Windframe is an AI-powered visual editor and builder that helps developers generate beautiful UIs, as well as edit and build Tailwind CSS websites 10x faster.

It comes packed with many features, such as a code editor, custom template import, custom config, and CSS import, access to 900+ prebuilt templates, and many more features designed to enhance your UI development speed.

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šŸ“š Learning

Explore the Art of Customising Tailwind CSS

Another great video from Shruti! This one guides you through the various ways you could customize Tailwind in your project, from using the @layer directive to creating your own custom plugins, Shruti walks you through it all.

CSS Foundations: What is IACVT?

This one is a simple but great primer on the complexities of CSS value processing. IACVT stands for "Invalid At Computed Value Time," and if you work with CSS regularly, then you probably have encountered this issue. The author mentions why this happens and what options we have to mitigate it. Overall it's a great technical piece.

Top 5 CSS Mistakes made by Front End Engineers

This is a great guide about the top 5 pitfalls that even experienced developers might fall into. I particularly liked Mistake #5: "Using only grid or only flex" because I have fallen into this trap a lot over the years, but I learned there's a time and place for CSS grid as well šŸ˜„.

šŸ’… Showcase


This week's showcase really stood out to me with its minimalist design and strikingly clean interface. I love the scrolling gradient effect on the whole landing page and how linear the page looked. For a service as simple as this it really worked wonders on the design.

šŸŽ Resource


Pagedone is another Tailwind CSS components kit but with an emphasis on the design side. They include over 1000 components, sections, and pages and offer a Figma file and over 300 free SVG icons. Overall, I like their minimal design and the JS interactivity functionality. Looks like a promising UI library to keep an eye on.

šŸ‘Œ Cool Stuff

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