Tailwind Weekly #151: new Tailwind CSS homepage coming soon πŸ‘€

Hello folks!

There has been no major news in the last few weeks. The Tailwind Labs team is still working on the v4 alpha, which could be officially released this summer 🀞. The best part? We'll get a new homepage to go with the release. Check the next section for more info!

Now, let's dive in!

🌟 News

Here's the rundown folks:


Steve is exploring mobile menu designs for the next Catalyst update.

We're also getting a new Tailwind CSS homepage, probably for the v4 official release. Here are some sneak peeks straight from Steve.

Also, the application deadline for the new roles at Tailwind Labs was April 3rd, so we can expect the announcement of the new hires soon!

And last but not least, Tailwind CSS' April fool's joke this year was hilarious 🀣

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πŸ“š Learning

CSS4 Is Coming (Not a Clickbait)

Believe it or not CSS3 is 10 years old already and CSS4 is on the horizon. This video shows how we got to CSS3 and what we can expect for CSS4. Overall, it's a great watch.

What is INP and why you should care

Google is shaking things up with the new Core Web Vital metric: Interaction to Next Paint (INP). INP measures the critical moments between interactions like clicks or key presses and the following visual feedback. By phasing out First Input Delay (FID), Google will now consider your site's INP when determining your ranking on the SERPs.

Designing better target sizes

As defined by the article, a target size is the specific region within a user interface element where a user clicks, touches, or taps to trigger an action. This concept is critical on mobile and Shadeed created an excellent guide on how to improve this for your users.

πŸ’… Showcase


The new Mailcoach landing page shows that blue can still be elegant if used correctly. Made by the Spatie team, known for its Laravel packages, Mailcoach is an email marketing service that respects your users' privacy and emphasizes good developer experience. Their landing page is a testament to this, with its elegant font choices, clean layout, and blue tones.

The best part? You can even self-host it!

🎁 Resource


This is a cool minigame that helps you learn Tailwind CSS classes by asking you to translate a given CSS property into its Tailwind CSS equivalent. It's a very simple game, and your score is based on 8 points (probably following Tailwind's rule of 4). I think this is the perfect tool to learn Tailwind's classes ASAP and make it fun.

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