Tailwind Weekly #153: aspect-ratio, text-balance, and attribute selectors, oh my!

Hello folks!

No news to report this week. Adam is on vacation and the rest of the Tailwind Labs team is working on Catalyst stuff. It's a well-deserved break!

Let's dive in!

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📚 Learning

Things That Can Break aspect-ratio in CSS

This one is short and sweet. It outlines 3 ways that break the aspect-ratio CSS property. I found #1 interesting, I had never encountered that one before, so I learned something new!

When to use CSS text-wrap: balance; vs text-wrap: pretty;

The TL;DR is "use text-wrap: balance; on headings and subheadings. And use text-wrap: pretty; on paragraphs of text to get rid of orphans on the last line.". Still, I highly recommend you check the article; it goes over good reasons why you should follow this rule of thumb.

Attribute selectors are like this a[href='/'] (the brackets) and they're pretty handy for custom stuff. This guide's specific use case is also very useful for when you want a CSS-only approach, and it's great for accessibility, too.

💅 Showcase


Versoly is a page builder built with Tailwind CSS that has been in the community for a few years now, and I want to revisit their updated homepage design. With its soft blue hues and minimalist design, it's very different from your typical flashy site builder website and I think that's what makes it shine.

🎁 Resource

Tailwind Colors

The creator of Tailscan, a Chrome extension for Tailwind devs, created this resource for the Tailwind community. It's a cheat sheet for the Tailwind color palette, and while we have featured a few here, I really like the simplistic design of this one, I hope you do too.

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