Tailwind Weekly #20: We got linting now folks 😎!

The Tailwind team has been hard at work this past few weeks and now we see its first results. We now get linting on the VS Code extension and even automatic quick fixes with just a few clicks! I’ll finally start using the problems tab on the bottom panel for once.

Also, be sure to check the official repo’s discussion tab regularly since it looks like it’ll be one of many announcement channels.

Now onto our regular stuff!


Introducing Linting for Tailwind CSS IntelliSense

Yep, you read that correctly, if you use the VS Code Tailwind extension then you now get linting for your HTML and CSS files! THIS. IS. AWESOME. Just look at that screenshot! Now you don’t have to worry about duplicate classes or even conflicting values, the linting will alert you about it.

Need linting for an unsupported file format? They have an option for adding that too, be sure to checkout the new docs.

This is the official announcement, be sure to follow @bradlc for more updates.

📚Article of the week

10 Tailwind CSS tips to boost your productivity

Great article showcasing some cool tips to improve your Tailwind experience, I really liked the “Always know which breakpoint is currently active” one, didn’t know there was a plugin for that, pretty cool.

One note tho, while the article is dated pretty recently, 2 of the tips are outdated, the one that mentions preflight and the one about flexbox order classes, everything else is pretty useful tho!

Overheard on twitter

💅Showcase of the week

Mohin Lakdawala | PHP & Laravel developer

This week we get another nice looking portfolio website made with Tailwind. While the website is pretty minimalist, the attention to detail, color use and typography choice is outstanding and very elegant.

🎁Resource of the week


Believe it or not, tailwind doesn’t have native support for gradient classes but this plugin does it so well I don’t think we need it. I use it on some of my sites and I like its flexibility since it allows you to use the values of your colors object and also add your own. It also supports all the popular gradient types like linear, radial and conic.

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