Tailwind Weekly #25: v1.6 is out + a sneak peek at v2.0 👀

Hello folks! Sorry for the late issue, storm Isaias wrecked a bit of havoc where I’m at, but better late than never!

This week we got a new v1.6 version and a thread from Adam talking about the future v2.0, the most important part was that he said there’s not gonna be a paradigm shift, Adam is really committed to backward compatibility.

TailwindCSS’s future keeps looking more and more awesome 🥳.


Tailwind CSS v1.6.0

This is the official announcement of Tailwind CSS v1.6.0. Really looking forward to playing with the new animation support.

New Application Home Screen examples (click image for link)

We got an interesting update this week for Tailwind UI, now we have new Application Home Screens, which are more like a mashup of existing TWUI components so you can see how they work together.

Here’s what the Tailwind Labs team said about them:

The idea behind these examples is to show you what you could make using many of the existing Tailwind UI components. That’s why we’ve used different color palettes for example, to show you what your app could look like if you put together a page with Tailwind UI and tweaked things for your brand.

But the best update of the week was Adam’s thread about the future version 2.0 of tailwind, be sure to check it out, it looks like it’s gonna be awesome ❤️.

📚Video of the week

Building a Twitter Clone with Tailwind CSS and Next.js

We got a new tailwind video from our friend, Sam Selikoff. This one is more like a heavily edited live stream but it has an incredible trick for managing truncated text on the same line, it’s definitely worth a watch!

💅Showcase of the week

I’m sooo excited about this week’s showcase, this is not only a website but a self-hosted web app made with tailwind. I also found it interesting they used a prefix `sp-` for the tailwind classes, probably to avoid conflicts with third party components. Be sure to check out the demo so you can see a full fledged tailwind web app interface in the wild!

🎁Resource of the week

VueTailwind - Customizable Vue Components for TailwindCSS

Looks like Adam isn’t the only one building reusable JS components with Tailwind. This week I discovered VueTailwind and what they offer, so far they only have a very small set of components but I really could see this becoming something like Vuetify in the long term.

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