Tailwind Weekly #32: v2.0 is now released folks and it's insanely good 😍!

Hello folks!

I’m happy to announce that TailwindCSS v2.0 is finally out!

The TailwindLabs team worked pretty hard on this and they even gave us a few surprises like the all new site, official dark mode support, Tailwind UI’s update to v2.0, plus lots of new stuff.

This update feels like a whole new tailwind, bigger, faster and throughly planned 👌.


If you thought the teaser was cool, wait until you check out the official trailer video. That thing sure is epic!

Tailwind CSS v2.0

This is the official announcement blog post and its quite packed. I recommend you read it thoroughly, maybe a few times, since we got A LOT of new stuff.

Upgrade Guide - Tailwind CSS

And of course, we have the upgrade guide, which should be your next stop after the blog post above.

Testament to the team’s goal of consistency, I upgraded a 15+ pages v1.4.6 project to v2 right after launch and it took me around an hour, mostly because I was integrating the new plugins (typography, forms, etc) and refactoring to use tailwind’s new features instead of my custom css.

Release v0.3.0 · tailwindlabs/tailwindcss-typography

If you’re currently using the typography plugin and want to update to v2.0 then check out the upgrade guide on the plugin’s latest release. The changes are mostly in the config so should be very easy to do.

And of course, because the TailwindLabs team thought of everything, Tailwind Play now has support for v2.0!

📚Video of the week

Our beloved Simon is back again with another code along video, this time showing the new stuff from v2.0. I honestly was quite delighted at seeing the `space-x-*` and gradient utilities at work. The fact that you ca create such unique designs like this, with just out of the box tailwind its 🤯.

💅Showcase of the week

I'm Jack McDade and I'm tired of boring websites.

In honor of the release of v2.0, I wanted this week’s showcase to be special, so I looked into my backlog for the wildest and most creative website I could find. Meet Jack McDade’s personal website!

Jack sure is quite the artist, every page uses a different color palette and shape designs, it makes you think you’re looking at a graphic design image instead of a coded website, definitely impressed 👏.

For those of you who don’t know Jack, here’s his bio:

I created Statamic, co-host Full Stack Radio, and am working on Radical Design Course. I was homeschooled, live in Florida, wash dishes, shower often, learn quickly, strive put others first, and live my life for Jesus. I’m a dad, husband, and a kid at heart. I wish I could skateboard.

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