Tailwind Weekly #31: TailwindCSS v2.0 finally has a release date 🤩

Hello folks!

The release cadence of the Tailwind Labs team has been brutal this week. We got multiple alpha releases, 2 new official plugins and even a 30s teaser video for v2.0 (hype 💯).

But the ecosystem wasn’t far off either, we got quite a nice resource recommendation this week for you, it is 🤯.

Plus we got the official v2.0 release date, November 18th, that’s next week! 🤞


Tailwind v2.0 teaser video, I find it both epic and hilarious 🤣.


This is the successor of the custom-formsplugin, I think the main difference right now its that now we won’t need to add the `form-input, form-select` classes anymore and this is more like sensible default rules than complete global customizations.

You can view the kitchen sink demo here.


A handy little plugin for aspect ratio classes, they come real handy when dealing with responsive images and embeds.

📚Article of the week

How to Style Your React Apps with Less Code Using Tailwind CSS, Styled Components, and Twin Macro

This one is an oldie but I wanted to mention it because its one of the few tailwind tutorials who use twin.macro, which is more like a middleware for making tailwind work with styled components. Definitely a good read.

💅Showcase of the week

A static site for your dynamically-generated website - Sitesauce

Sitesause’s design has gotten even better since launch (back in May). Their aqua blue choice definitely makes the brand stand out but the asymmetrical shapes makes it more memorable in my opinion.

And the best part is that they’re using some components Tailwind UI, but they customized them so much they look unique and more brand like. Kudos to Miguel for such a cool design!

For the curious:

Sitesauce converts your dynamic websites into static sites, so you can keep your existing workflow while enjoying all the benefits static sites provide.

🎁Resource of the week

UI Devtools for Tailwind CSS

Man, this tool is just 🤯. It’s basically a mix of a component builder and a browser tool that also writes code. Definitely looks promising but it’s only available as sponsorware. Be sure to watch the demo or play with it yourself.

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