Tailwind Weekly #30: New alpha versions, Tailwind UI updates and more!

Hello folks!

It’s been a lively week on the TailwindCSS community, we got a few more alpha versions, new Tailwind UI components and an early access version of tailwind support in WebStorm.

Plus your regular dose of tailwind stuff 😉.



This is the latest alpha version as of this writing, the team also rolled back the upgrade to PostCSS 8, looks like they’re thinking it over.

WebStorm 2020.3 EAP #7: Tailwind CSS Support, etc

JetBrains just released an early access version of WebStorm, which includes support for TailwindCSS. It looks like it’ll be very similar to the VSCode extension but a bit more limited.

New Tailwind UI Update 🎉

📚Article of the week

Straightforward guide to use TailwindCSS with Sapper

I see Sapper/Svelte is getting some traction lately, especially in the esports community so I’m sharing this guide for the folks who are curious and want to take Sapper for a spin using our favorite CSS framework. This is the most up to date tutorial on how to get a fully featured TailwindCSS setup in Sapper. Have fun!

💅Showcase of the week

Siegrs.GG | Rainbow 6 Siege Team Finder

Speaking of the esports community, this week we’re featuring a team finder site! Siegrs.gg call itself a team and player finder for Rainbow Six Siege. Find esports clans for competitive games.

This one is a good example of a functional web app using mostly tailwind defaults, they do know how to rock that red 👌.

🎁Resource of the week

TailwindCSS Colors v2.0

For those of you who don’t know yet, V2.0 of tailwind added a modified color palette to the defaults.

This is figma’s community file with those same colors, for your prototyping delight. So if you’re a figma file be sure to check it out for your next design.

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