Tailwind Weekly #4: Slow week folks but we still have some goodies!

Hey folks, no reportable news on the TailwindCSS front this week, Adam is pretty busy with TailwindUI and people are still testing out the latest canary version of Tailwind.

BUT, we do have some goodies to share, I found a great article about Encapsulation on Design Systems with Tailwind, discovered a great and traditional looking site made with TW and someone out there finally created a tailwind plugin for Eslint 🙌

📚Tutorial of the week

Better Components with TailwindCSS

This is a very cool post from Aditya Agarwal about using TailwindCSS to keep your Design System nice and predictable. I really like his main example when you want to avoid the users of your Design System to use it in unintended ways.

💅Showcase of the week

resolutepts.com - The Easiest Way to Save Money on Property Taxes

Who ever said Tailwind is only for startup-sy stuff? It can do traditional too and it does it very well! If you want some inspiration for your next traditional-looking project then definitely check out resolutepts.com.

🎁Resource of the week

eslint-plugin-tailwind: ESLint rules for Tailwind CSS

Check out this beauty! If you’re a fan of eslint then you’ll love this plugin. It’s a pretty release and react only right now but definitely keep an eye on it.

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