Tailwind Weekly #5: Some sneak peeks on TWUI and more cool goodies!

Another week, another Tailwind UI sneak peek. This time looks like Adam is pretty busy coding the meat of the components. Really looking forward to the finished product next month.

We also, as always, have some goodies here for you, all related to tailwind. Some TW appreciation on twitter here, a beautiful looking tutorial there and a retro looking website in-between!


I feel you Josh, that was exactly my experience after finishing my first project with Tailwind, I asked “Where was this 4 years ago?!” and it keeps getting better and better!

Some sneak peaks on this week's TWUI's newsletter

We also got some nice sneak peaks this week on the Tailwind UI’s newsletter 😍. Word is, early launch will be next month. My favorite quote from the email?

Why is this happening to me.


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📚Tutorial of the week

Recreate the Tweet Creation Modal with Tailwind CSS ― Scotch.io

I’m a sucker for Scotch articles, they just look sooo pretty! And this one is not only pretty but interesting. In the spirit of the original video series from Adam about coding UIs with Tailwind, comes this article about coding Twitter’s Tweet Creating Modal with, yes! Tailwind!

💅Showcase of the week

devMode.fm // a podcast dedicated to modern web development

Last week I gave you a traditional site made with Tailwind, this time I bring you a retro site, from a podcast no less! devMode.fm is a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to the tools, techniques, and technologies used in modern web development. Enjoy the eye candy!

🎁Resource of the week

Scale — color scale generator

A lot of people ask on the Discord chat, how to better create color palettes, and while Adam and Steve said they do it by hand, we peasants need a little help. That’s where Scale comes in. I start off with a nice color and play around with the controls until I find some colors I like. Kudos to Hayk from creating it.

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