Tailwind Weekly #41: Big news on the adoption side + the usual stuff!

Hello folks!

We got some big news on the adoption front, down at the news section, plus the usual menu of the week. I really liked this week’s learning item, it was one of those articles you find every few years that really clicks for you. And don’t forget to check the resource, it’s a great plugin for your next project!

Now, here’s this week’s sponsor, Polypane:

⭐ Polypane is a great tool for testing your project’s responsive design and accessibility. I use this daily for my frontend work and its 👌. If you sign up using this link you’ll get 20% off your subscription applied at checkout.


We got some cool things on the adoption front:

First, Angular finally has native support for Tailwind! Now all 3 big frontend frameworks have very good support for TailwindCSS.

Also, Codekit now has full support for Tailwind, the author called this release “the largest update in a decade”, do check it out!

And last but not least, Steve gave us a sneak peek of a new upcoming Tailwind UI landing page, looks like it’ll be coming next week.

📚Learning of the week

CSS transitions and hover animations, an interactive guide

This beautiful thing was shared this week. In my opinion, this is THE article on CSS transitions, yes it’s THAT good. I particularly liked the section about the “will-change” property, very useful.

💅Showcase of the week

Hatchet™: Get It Done! - Perth Digital Agency

Colorful animations, beautiful images, and good copywriting, what’s not to like? This digital agency sure has a good eye for design. That red hue looks really nice.

For the curious, what’s Hatchet’s description:

We’re a digital agency that thrives on finding solutions to the diverse digital challenges local companies face as they grow. What’s your latest challenge?

🎁Resource of the week


Have you ever wanted to style “:before” or “:after” pseudo-selectors using tailwind? With this plugin, you can! It supports a big variety like “:read-only” and “:empty” too. Definitely a must-have for your next project.

🗞Classifieds of the week

Note: Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I get compensated in some way if you buy through them but I promise I only recommend products I really like!

At Tailwind Made, we recently launched our latest template, Atlas! Atlas is perfect for that personal blog you always wanted to start. It has a dark mode, a configured typography plugin, and it’s fully responsive. We also have a legal/business and an e-commerce template if you’re interested.

Imagine if you could go to any website, find a section/element you like, and get the approximate tailwind values to code it yourself. Like that idea? Then Windy is for you, the tool is still in its early stages but it looks very promising.

Need to build a quick marketing page for your next project? Then try out Tails! Tails is the ultimate drag'n drop page builder built for TailwindCSS, they have a great selection of components (over 120+), let you export your code, and have very affordable pricing.

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