Tailwind Weekly #43: We got a new "Rebuilding X with TailwindCSS" video + the usual menu!

Hello folks!

What an interesting week! We had a new video from the Tailwind Labs team, rebuilding another website with Tailwind, and also discovered the #30DaysOfTailwindCSS challenge, I particularly liked the Day 27 challenge, just because I love using “bg-clip-text”.

And of course, we have our usual menu of one good learning resource, one great showcase website, and one useful plugin or app!

Note: Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I get compensated in some way if you buy through them but I promise I only recommend products I really like!

🌟 News

From the Tailwind Labs team, we got a new “Rebuilding X with TailwindCSS” video, this time rebuilding the “Sick Fits” app originally created by Wes Bos and made by Simon. I really missed these!

Also, our friend Michael Andreuzza, a fellow TailwindCSS fan, created a few social initiatives for the framework, like TailwindCSS garden (inspired by the famous CSS Zen Garden) and the#30DaysOfTailwindCSS challenge. Definitely something to try out on your next free weekend 😁.

🤩 Sponsor

Circles is a new way to experience Zoom meetings that turn each participant into a circle on your screen to get Zoom out of your way and get your desktop back. You’ll be able to code, take notes, and multi-task however you want without leaving your meeting. Btw, did I mention it’s free to use? Get it today!

📚 Learning

What the heck, z-index??

Another GREAT guide from Josh, this time about z-index. I love the example he used to explain “stacking contexts” and the whole “z-index values are not global” idea. Also, that list of different CSS contexts was 🤯.

💅 Showcase

BaseCode - a field guide to writing code that lasts

I have to say that the minimal look is hard to do right when it comes to courses/books but BaseCode is one of the few that nails it. With a very simple color palette and lots of padding, the site looks clean, and it’s easy to know what the product is about.

For the curious:

BaseCode - a field guide of simple practices to writing lasting code proven by over 20 years of programming.

🎁 Resource


Another great plugin from our friend Cossssmin, this time for generating border-image gradient classes. Don’t know what those are or have never used them? Check out this Digital Ocean article to see how cool they are.

🗞 Classifieds

Note: Some of these links are affiliate links, which means I get compensated in some way if you buy through them but I promise I only recommend products I really like!

At Tailwind Made, we recently launched our latest template, Atlas! Atlas is perfect for that personal blog you always wanted to start. It has a dark mode, a configured typography plugin, and it’s fully responsive. We also have a legal/business and an e-commerce template if you’re interested.

Imagine if you could go to any website, find a section/element you like, and get the approximate tailwind values to code it yourself. Like that idea? Then Windy is for you, the tool is still in its early stages but it looks very promising.

Polypane is a great tool for testing your project’s responsive design and accessibility. I use this daily for my frontend work and its 👌. If you sign up using this link you’ll get 20% off your subscription applied at checkout.

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