Tailwind Weekly #7: Peaceful week, full of treats!

No big news this week folks, Tailwind v1.2 has been out of a week or so now, people are having a lot of fun with it and Adam’s is coding like mad for Tailwind UI’s upcoming launch later thing month.

Nevertheless, I know you’re here for your usual TW dose, so get ready for the usual treats!

📚Tutorial of the week

Rebuilding Spotify w/ Tailwind CSS v1.x

In case you’re not getting enough of Adam’s screencasts, here’s another youtuber you’ll love. This guy takes the same approach as Adam and codes UI’s he likes in tailwind. I really like videos like this because I see how other experienced devs use tailwind and always learn a thing or two from them.

💅Showcase of the week

Vexilo - Mexican Software Development Company

Vexilo is a cool Mexican dev shop that makes software according to their client’s needs. I really liked their illustration first approach and their nice color palette, you wouldn’t know they’re using tailwind unless you check the markup.

🎁Plugin of the week


This one is short and sweet. Perfect for when you’re dealing with a lot of video embeds and very useful if you need to define some aspect ratio classes and want to keep everything inside Tailwind’s config and avoid writing custom CSS.

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