Tailwind Weekly #8: The hype is real 🚀

This is it folks, we’re one week away from Tailwind UI’s launch and everybody is super excited! I saw folks asking for early access on some slacks chat, trying to get a hold of Adam because they just need it right freaking now. Can’t imagine the emails they’re getting, probably a few have offered their first born already 😂.

Just one more week 🤞.


Adam blessed us this week with another screencast and man, I can’t wait for the launch! I don’t have a particular project in mind I want to use wind UI for but I’ll buy it nevertheless to support Adam and thus, TailwindCSS. Gotta make it more sustainable for Adam so he keeps working on the framework we all love 😄.

Again, the hype is real 🚀

📚Article of the week

In Defense of Utility-First CSS | frontstuff

While tailwind has been enjoying a lot of popularity these days, there’s are still some devs that bash it to no end for multiple reasons, from it being ugly syntax to being similar to inline styles to “dude, your HTML looks like a dumpster fire”, I have heard it all…

When I encounter devs like that I usually refer them to this article. Our BDFL has a similar article but I think frontstuff’s piece covers more counter-arguments. Definitely a good piece to have in your bookmarks for when haters become loud.

💅Showcase of the week

Agendrix - Staff Scheduling Software and Online Time Clock

This week’s showcase sure is pretty! Agendrix is an easy-to-use online staff scheduling and time clock software that simplifies scheduling, timesheets, and employee clock in and clock out.

I must admit I never thought boring software could be made to look so appealing and trendy. But of course, they won me over when I saw they’re using tailwind. ❤️

🎁Resource of the week


I admit it, I have a soft spot for Jekyll in my heart. It was the first static site generator I used back when I was learning programming and, while there are more modern solutions on the market, I still reach for it when I want to do something quick and simple. So when I discovered this jekyll-tailwind starter I felt nostalgic!

Make no mistake, this is not your average starter, this thing is robust, regularly updated and very well made. So if you’re a fan of Jekyll and Tailwind, I suggest you fork it, modify it to fit your needs and make it a template repository. You’ll thank me later 😉.

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