Tailwind Weekly #12: Aaaaand... we're back 🌟!

Hello folks, we’re back!

Long story short, when the whole apocalyptic March thing started happening I somehow got writer’s block and decided to take a break from the newsletter to reset. After some weeks of rest and lots of TLC time I’m back as good as new 😎.

Now, onto our regular programming…


Integrating Tailwind UI with JavaScript

Some folks were a bit taken aback by the decision to use to use AlpineJS for the interactive demos and lots of them were requesting instructions on how to convert it to Vue/React/Angular.

Well, our BDFL saw our struggle and did just that, this new gist document outlines a format on how the Tailwind UI team will be will be giving instructions on how to make the HTML/CSS elements be more dynamic. If you’re a TUI customer then you definitely need to read it!

Tailwind UI Changelog - April 7th

We also got new components on Tailwind UI, check it out:

New additions

  • Added new Alerts category to the Application UI package, with 6 examples
  • Added new Contact Sections category to the Marketing package, with 6 examples

Tweaks and fixes

Overheard on twitter

I feel you Dan, I dusted off an old Tailwind v0.7 project recently and almost everything was the same, gotta love the consistency ❤️.

📚Tutorial of the week

Adding TailwindCSS to RedwoodJS

If you haven’t lived under a rock for the past month then you probably heard that RedwoodJS is all the rage these days. Even through the project is still in alpha, the folks in the cutting edge are already playing with it and adapting it to their workflows and thus this article was born, with it you’ll learn how to add Tailwind to a Redwood project.

💅Showcase of the week

PilotMail - Email Test Tool and Email Builder

This week’s showcase is a prime example on how you can make your SaaS’ landing page modern, playful and very good looking using Tailwind and some basic design notions. Wouldn’t surprise me if the dev read Refactoring UI while coding it. Also, love the orange tint!

Here’s what PilotMail offers:

Build awesome HTML emails and test them easily on real email clients before sending with PilotMail.

🎁Resource of the week

Heroicons Directory - Open source icons by the Tailwind CSS team

You probably have heard of Heroicons, they’re an icon set that was included when you bought the Refactoring UI book. Well now the icons were made open source and added to GitHub. But this site takes it to a new level, adding search and auto copying on click, which is really handy when you’re coding. Be sure to thank Zaydek for creating the site!

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