Tailwind Weekly #13: V1.3 is here folks 🚀!

Hello again folks! We had a busy week in Tailwind Land, we had a new official release (V1.3)m got a new update for tailwind.run (FINALLY) and our pal Steve added 15 new icons to Heroicons!


Man, this release sure packed a lot of new stuff! I think my favorite feature is being able to add breakpoint-specific padding for the container class, call me old fashioned but I really missed that from my Bootstrap days and usually resorted to adding custom css. No more, now its a native feature baby 🤩!

Discussions · tailwindcss/tailwindcss

Some of you maybe haven’t noticed but we have a new tab in the tailwind repo, especially for discussions. I think its a good way to keep a written and searchable record for the future, I’m a big fan of the discord server but I must admit its searchability is not very good, so check it out 😁.

This has been long overdue! For those of you who don’t know, tailwind.run is like a playground (think codepen, jsfiddle, etc) for testing tailwind markup, it has become quite popular in the discord since its very useful for debugging stuff, the bad thing was that it was stuck at V1.1 but we finally got support for V1.2!

This is more or less a tangent but I do wanted to mention it, I’m loving Heroicons and our friend Steve just added new ones, go check it out!

📚Tutorial of the week

How to use tailwindcss with AMP in a Next.js project

This article is as niche as it gets but I think it’s very useful and can be extrapolated into other technologies.

For those of you who don’t know, AMP is an HTML framework developed by Google to make your website very very fast on mobile. It’s mostly used by news and blog sites and its notorious for being hard to implement.

💅Showcase of the week

SnowcatCloud: Hosted Snowplow Analytics

SnowcatCloud looks like an awesome customized implementation of Tailwind UI. Really digging the bright blue and the tech logos. If you bought Tailwind UI and are not sure how to best customize it, this site will give you some inspiration 👩‍🎨.

Here’s SnowcatCloud’s tagline:

The most efficient way to run a production-ready Snowplow

And what is Snowplow?

Snowplow is an open-source enterprise event-level analytics platform that enables the collection of event-level data from any platform.

🎁Resource of the week


Accessibility folks will really like this. This project is basically Tailwind but with the official colors replaced by the United States Government standards for accessibility colors, defined here. So if you ever wanted to use tailwind for government stuff, now you can!

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