Tailwind Weekly #133: Amsterdam meetup next week and more Catalyst sneak peeks!

Hello folks!

This week's Tailwind Weekly is packed! Not only is there an upcoming Tailwind Labs meetup in Amsterdam πŸ‡³πŸ‡±, but we've also got some fresh Catalyst sneak peeks πŸ‘€.

On the learning side, you'll find cool articles on creative uses of CSS shadows and the math behind nesting rounded corners πŸ“. And if you're looking for resources, there's a cool toolkit called Lunar UI that'll make your landing pages look amazing 🎨.

Let's dive in!

🌟 News

Remember we mentioned a possible meeting soon? Well, now it's official! Join the Tailwind Labs team in Amsterdam next week. According to Peter the attendee's list just reached 100 so it'll be a packed event. Can't wait for the recordings!

Here's the agenda so far:

On another note, the Tailwind team has been busy working on Catalyst, here's Adam's latest sneak peek:

And in case you missed it, a few months ago the Tailwind team had their first-ever meetup which included a short session with Sam Selikoff showing off some nifty Tailwind CSS features.

The original video was 1h long so I know many didn't watch it but Sam was kind enough to create a highlights video of the tips he shared and it looks great!

🀩 Sponsors

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πŸ“š Learning

A Few Interesting Ways To Use CSS Shadows For More Than Depth

This piece explores creative ways to use CSS shadows like using them to create hover effects, text styles, and even shadows casting other shadows! Definitely a great read if you're looking to spice up your designs with some shadow magic.

The Math Behind Nesting Rounded Corners

Ever struggled with awkward gaps when nesting rounded corners in your UI? This article dives into the math behind it. The author explains how to calculate the perfect border radius for nested elements, so everything looks smooth and polished. If you're a fan of rounded corners, this one's a must-read!

CSS Halftone Patterns

This guide breaks down how to use radial gradients, masks, and contrast filters to create dynamic, retro-style patterns. If you're looking to add a unique visual flair to your projects, this is a must-read.

πŸ’… Showcase

Screen Casting Course

This week's showcase has been going on a lot on Twitter these past few weeks and I was delightfully surprised when I found it was done with Tailwind! The design is very modern, with beautiful typography and lovely gradient patterns, it honestly doesn't look like your typical course website, it's even better!

🎁 Resource

Lunar UI

Lunar UI is a super cool toolkit for creating stunning landing pages. It offers customizable copy-and-paste components, making it a breeze to design something aesthetically pleasing. If you want to give your landing pages a fresh look, Lunar UI might be just what you need.

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