Tailwind Weekly #16: Tailwind UI is hiring + we have a twitter now!

Hello folks! We have plenty of new things this week.

First and most important, the TailwindUI team is hiring! Looks like Adam got tired of coding alone and is looking for a coding partner. Be sure to check out the job post and spread the word!

Second, Tailwind Weekly now has its own twitter account 🎉. With new logo to boot 💅! The main idea behind the account will be to not only post the newsletter every Saturday but to also share stuff as it happens, during the week, so see it as an extension of the newsletter, heavily inspired by Vuejs News.

Last, but not least, we got a domain! Now you can easily share the newsletter by passing tailwindweekly.com to your friends and coworkers. For now the domain redirects to the revue profile. And if you want to submit a link for the news letter just go to tailwindweekly.com/submit and fill out the form :)

That’s it folks, now on to our regular programming!


Here’s the official Tailwind UI job announcement. Wanna be part of shaping TailwindCSS’ future? Go apply!

Overheard on twitter

Wise words Taylor, wise words. TailwindCSS has been a game changer for a lot of people that have to deal with CSS codebases for a living. We all have felt the pain of being terribly afraid to delete old CSS code or dealing with a CSS architecture that only makes sense in the mind of its creator. Tailwind now has shown us the light, that it is possible to enjoy working with CSS again!

📚Tutorial of the week

My VSCode + Tailwind CSS Workflow Tips (Shortcuts and Extensions)

Another great video from Sam Selikoff. This one is incredibly useful for people wanting to improve their current workflow. I was definitely envious of the usability of the Vim mode (once you get used to it of course) and the simple grid use was mind-blowing because I have always seen grid as a solution to hard layout problems, not simple stuff like creating 3 columns.

💅Showcase of the week

Good Club: Wholesome food for everyone

Good club is a UK grocery store that is a lot like Walmart Grocery or Amazon Pantry but with a twist, they aim to be the world’s first zero-waste online grocer. And their entire website is made with Tailwind. Their CSS is 18.9kb, gzipped. And this is an eCommerce website that looks nice.

It seems like, as an eCommerce company, they’re embracing modern development and business tools. Imagine a grocery store with an Intercom chat, yep, they do have it!

Here’s Good Club tagline:

Save up to 40% on organic and sustainable groceries delivered free to your door

🎁Resource of the week

Developing better Tailwind CSS sites with Polypane

Remember Polypane? I talked about it on issue #6. And things have improved a lot since! Looks like Polypane’s developer, Kilian, decided that the Tailwind folks were a very good niche so he’s now highlighting features specially useful for us! Here’s the new landing page’s tagline:

The perfect browser for developing websites with Tailwind CSS. Polypane makes developing Tailwind CSS sites fast, easy and fun.

Even better, the 20% offer we got last time I mentioned it, is still active, just use coupon tailwindweekly20 on checkout.

Disclaimer: Like last time, I’m not being paid anything for this, I just love Polypane and I see Kilian is doing an excellent job with it. I still use it daily as part of my development workflow and I think you guys should check it out!

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