Tailwind Weekly #17: New stream + real life use case from the ConvertKit team

Hello again folks! This week we got a new Rebuilding X with Tailwind stream from our beloved BDFL and an article from ConvertKit’s dev team on how they use TailwindCSS with React on their product, plus of course, the usual goodies ✌.


Rebuilding the Vercel Dashboard with Tailwind CSS
Rebuilding the Vercel Dashboard with Tailwind CSS (Part 2)

Adam sure was busy this week streaming his new Rebuilding X with Tailwind video, this time he tried building Vercel’s dashboard (formerly Zeit Now), did a pretty cool job in my opinion.

Now, for the folks who think watching 2 hours of someone coding sounds boring, hear me out, I think these videos are very valuable because:

Adam is not your average developer, not only he’s very skilled with a lot of different technologies and have years of experience, he’s also very obsessed with his work. This means that, if you watch his streaming videos, you can actually see how his mind solves problems.

Basically you’re peering into the workflow of a very talented, experienced and versatile developer practically for free. Sure, everybody is streaming anything these days but not everybody is Adam and seeing how he tackles some problems at the HTML/CSS level is very very informative in my opinion. I must say I have learned quite a few tips from videos like this over the years.

Ok, enough fangirling 😅, onto the goodies!

📚Article of the week

How We Use Tailwind in Components at ConvertKit

This is not your average tailwind article, I included this one, even tho is kind of short and its a few months old because this is how a multi-million dollar company with millions of customers uses tailwind on production, at scale.

And even tho the example is very simple (it shows how they use tailwind on their buttons), they explain their reasoning behind their decisions and you can learn from that too.

Overheard on twitter

💅Showcase of the week

SAAS Adventure - Learn to Create your own SAAS

This week’s showcase is kind of flashy and cute (pink + purple = 👀 🍭 imho) but I must say I love the simplicity in structure and they didn’t shy away from adding their own custom CSS.

I do find interesting that they didn’t use a custom font and instead relied on system-ui. Nevertheless is a very solid example of a custom website made with Tailwind 👌.

🎁Resource of the week

tailwindcss-spinner: Spinner utility for Tailwind CSS

Man, I can’t believe I didn’t mention this one sooner! If you work with web apps and/or async stuff, you definitely need a spinner component and this is the easiest tailwind-centric spinner out there. It’s literally just plug and play.

Don’t let the latest commit date fool you, this already works with Tailwind v1+, I just used it a few weeks ago on a v1.2+ project and had no issues integrating it.

Be sure to thank joshmanders for this cool plugin!

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