Tailwind Weekly #18: TWUI renderless components are coming ✨!

Oh man, oh man. Renderless component are becoming a reality! I have been dreaming about this ever since I discovered Adam’s post.

Now I’m even more convinced that Tailwind UI is a steal at that price. Imagine having all of bootstrap’s components, ready for you to drop in your styles and customize them according to whatever you like, without having to fight with the default styles or override anything. Tabs, accordions, dropdowns, modals, tooltips, etc, all ready to be imported, styles and deployed with only the CSS you actually need.

Lean frontend development baby 😎.

Now, onto the goodies 👇!


Building a Custom Select Menu with Tailwind UI Vue

Adam teased us mid-week with an example of a prototype of a renderless component he was working on, then on Friday he streaming how to build a select menu that way.

For those of you who don’t know, Adam has been talking about renderless components for a few years now and now with Tailwind UI, it looks like the team decided now it’s a great time to create them en masse.

Be sure follow the repo. In my opinion, this is gonna be HUGE for the ecosystem, since the main downside of using Tailwind is that you either create your components from scratch with it or you heavily modify a third party package with @apply stuff, a la old bootstrap style.

I think that, besides native PurgeCSS support, having a library of very tailwind friendly components that add just the logic and let you style them however you want, will be monumental in increasing adoption and developer experience. I think this will finally make tailwind feel “complete”, like some people think Bootstrap is.

📚Article of the week

Building Reusable React Components Using Tailwind

This one is a very detailed example on how to effectively use tailwind with react, nothing about getting started with it, this assumed you already know how to do that.

Instead he mentions 3 main methods or approaches. #1 is the most common (using classes for props) but I must admit I have never heard of #2 and was intrigued 🤔. If you work with react this one is definitely a great read.

Overheard on twitter

💅Showcase of the week

David Llop

Now, THIS is old school. For his blog, David went above and beyond on customizing tailwind and made it look like those computer interfaces you saw on movies in the 80s. Very original!

🎁Resource of the week

Maizzle - Framework for Rapid Email Prototyping

Wanna code emails with tailwind, you can with Maizzle!

I have been following Maizzle’s development for a while now and I must say I’m impressed. Cossmin (creator) took something incredibly complicated and tedious to do (email template development) and made it very tailwind friendly.

He released v1.0 a month ago and you could say it’s ready for prime time ✌. Go check it out!

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